Strict uk mistress webcam


Calling all sissies, cuckolds, fag toys and submissives.

Hello, submissive worms and sissy girls.

I am strict UK Mistress Chantelle. I enjoy all forms of BDSM and have fantasies about many different kinks. I have an English accent, which will take over your weak pathetic cock and mind.

Domination on webcam via Skype.  I can view your camera or send mine, or both.



Both,your worst nightmare, and your dream come true.

A dominant bitch from Newcastle, England.

I have a broad mind, with an extensive list of interests. I love chastity and orgasm control. I love creating the perfect sissy fuck toy to play with.

Nothing says control like taking the power of a pathetic man’s cock away from him. Once I own your cock. I own you. I love CBT, cock control, mind control, JOI, punishment and task setting.

Creating sissy girls and cock suckers is one of my favourite pass times.
I have a stud with a 10.5” BBC. The perfect bull for cuckolding you with. Jerome will help me make you realise what an inferior little worm you are next to us.

If you’re a little panty bitch, then I will see right through you.  Sissy girls and panty boys need to learn a lesson and understand their place beneath women.  You are here to serve and be humiliated. You will be used as Mistresses slutty girl, and your limits are mine.  You become my experiment, my transformation, my sissy bitch cock sucker, and ‘no’ is not an answer remaining in your vocabulary.  What I say goes, and you’ll dress like Mistresses cheap little tart, at my leisure, and not at your pleasure.

Perhaps breast worship and huge tit control is what breaks your weak little mind.  My gigantic tits are the perfect weapons for big tit hypnosis, and control.  I can have you worshipping my tits and controlling your mind with my tits before you even know it’s happening.  My big tit hypnosis will put you directly under my spell and make you my little broken pet.

I am well versed in all aspects of control and humiliation, and blackmail role play has become something that I’ve spent a lot of time indulging in over the past 10 years.  I love nothing more than creating a perfect little blackmail slave, and I’ve developed quite a reputation as being a UK blackmail Mistress.  Of course how real our game is depends entirely on the information you’re stupid enough to part with.  If you enter a blackmail fetish game with me, don’t come crying to me when you gave up your information all to quickly and now find yourself in some hot water.  It’s not my fault you have a wife you care about. I could not care less!

Naughty boys and sissy girls will be punished.  Over the knee spanking and corporal punishments are some of the more humiliating ways of punishing a disobedient little sissy slut, and those who fail to keep up with domestic training, and task setting slave duties.

All my slaves and sissies will learn to respect my power, my body and my dominance.  I love my collection of fetish gear, and I expect humble slaves on their knees, at my feet and bowed down in worship. Big tits worship, foot and boot worship and ass worship are expected from every bitch who serves me.

Cum control, orgasm control, and chastity training is something reserved for the little bitches who have no control over their own loser cocks.  Some men- and I use that term broadly have no idea how to control their own pathetic needs, and their hand fucking gets out of control.  Give your orgasms over to me, strictukmistress, and you will not be released without proving yourself to me, and only under strict JOI.  I control your cock and balls, and I control your cum.   CEI is provided for little sluts who need to learn to clean up after themselves, and cum eating slave training for slaves who have a habit of running away after shooting their load.  You really are pathetic!

Blow job training sessions and cuckold instructions are definitely my favourite aspects of BDSM.  I love creating little cuck sluts and teaching you all how to suck cock like a good little cum dump whore.  I am proud of the cucks I’ve created.  There’s no fucky for cucky and yet my little cock hungry cuckolds just can’t get enough of serving me.   Is your wife completely dissatisfied by the size of your penis?  Is that little maggot even considered a cock? If this sounds like you, it’s about time you got some strict cuckold training, and learn how to be something useful. You’ll thank me later, loser.

Of course financial domination is a passive hobby of mine, and paypigs, cash cows and stupid little losers who can’t resist a findom are always welcome to empty your loser pockets and wallet.  A pay pig is probably one of the most pathetic forms of slaves, and while they often repulse me, I can’t resist but drain their bank accounts, and empty out everything I can.  Financial domination is fun, and very real.  Nothing hurts you quite as much as waking up the next day and realising your cruel Findom took every penny and more.  You’ll be filled with regret as you realise just how much you sent me, and at the same time you’ll be craving to send me more. I know how you little pay piggy losers work, and I know just how to get you on your knees and begging for financial domination from a strict findomme mistress.   No one’s safe with me, and just reading this is starting to terrify you.  Yes that’s it, focus on my body and put your hand in your pocket, get your wallet, and let’s go!