Queen Belinda Turns You Into A SISSY GIRL!

My name is Mistress Belinda.  A cruel and sadistic Mistress in the UK who loves to play with weak little sissy sluts.    I know a beta bitch male when I see one, and there’s only one place for sissy girls and cuckold like you.  Serving me and training to become my perfect little sissy whore.  Your cock has no use to you, and you’re not a man- not a real one. It’s time to stop pretending and embrace who we both know you really are.  I will bring out the little bimbo trapped inside you and reverse the dynamic.  You will become the little man trapped within the bimbo I turn you into.  I now just how to retrain your brain to make you my perfect barbie.  My new toy to keep and ruin.
You don’t perform as a man, you don’t excel as a man, you can’t please a woman as a man, not really please a woman, not sexually anyway.  We both know you’re inferior and you’re never going to match up a real man.  You need to learn to be the beta bitch you are, to know your place.  To learn to submit to BBC and real alpha male during your cuckold training.  Small cock humiliation and size acceptance are a critical part of your training and reprogramming.  I will teach, train and hypnotise you to accept and adore your sissy self.
Every woman deserves good sex, and any man who isn’t capable of providing us with that , be that through being useless, incompetent, impotent, chronic masturbator, premature ejaculator, or simply having a small penis insufficient of satisfying any woman needs to learn where he belongs.  He needs to learn that he better belongs as a she.  Learning to worship BBC, and CEI.  Fluffing, submitting, body worship, tit worship, cum eating, cream pie training and cuckold training are all part of your on going transformation. 
If you’re lucky you get to clean up after him, if you’re really lucky you get your own pathetic little cock unlocked.  If you can’t control your pathetic little sissigasms, expect to be locked in chastity training for much longer.  Forced feminisation, blackmail role play,  forced bi, forced gay, and forced cock sucking are all things Mistress Belinda excels in.  I can and will change your sexuality and mind set and make a good cock sucking slutty whore out of you.