queen belinda general domination

My name is Mistress Belinda.  A cruel and sadistic Mistress in the UK who loves to play with weak little bitch boys.  I am an experienced dominatrix and have over 10 years of BDSM both within and outside of the UK. I love training and all aspects of BDSM.  I never submit nor switch and request that those who do not wish to submit to me, do not call me.  I am a strict bitch and here to show you your place,
I am experienced in all aspects of Domination and some of my favourites range from humiliation through to chastity, denied orgasm, forced orgasm and pain infliction.  I love to humiliate and degrade, and that’s either through inflicting humiliation, cum eating training, or forced feminisation and sissification, or through task setting, embarrassment, public humiliation and domination Tasks with Blackmail role play.  Whatever your weakness, I will wrap you around my little finger. 
I am especially good and breaking bitches with my body.  I love forced bi and forced gay, and I know that I’m powerful enough to change your sexuality, rewire your brain and have you doing things you never in a million years imagined you would. I’ll have you questioning you are and who you have become, and while you panic and feel your previous life slipping away from you, you’ll have no control.  I am like a drug and once you start, you will never be free from me.  I dare you! 
I will teach you to accept where you belong, I will decide if you deserve to be cuckolded, locked in chastity , turned into a cum guzzling bitch boy, or whored out like my property.  I will make my plans for you and I will carry them out, while you remain a submissive obedient little project at all times.  Once you step into my realm you’re mine, there is NO exit.