Queen Belinda foot domination

My name is Mistress Belinda.  A cruel and sadistic Mistress in the UK who loves to play with weak little bitch boys.  I know how addicted you are to my body.  My curves and my legs.  You’ll learn to worship my body, and I will train you to respect my legs and feet.  Foot worship is your weakness and my feet are your drug.  Once you start your foot training with me, you’ll never get free.  My feet will take over your weak little mind, and invade your thoughts every time you get your pathetic cock hard.
My feet and legs are powerful and have the ability to wreck your brain.  Get on your knees and stare at them before you call me. My strong legs are enough to drown you.  Can you feel your wife or girlfriend becoming less and less important the longer you stare at me. 
Body worship is a favourite way of mine to break a man, I don’t care if you’re a married man, a man in a relationship, or the town priest.  I will use my power and beauty to make me the most important woman in your life.  My body, my legs, my arse, are going to take over your brain and make me more important than your wife. We both already know I’m sexier. 
I don’t care about your family, I don’t care about your wife or girlfriend, I am everything and they’re nothing.  I have been a very successful homewrecking mistress and I love a good home ruin and marriage destruction fetish when my bitch boys don’t keep up with my BDSM tasks or demands.