paulina sissy

Can you say ”no” to Mistress Paulina Gold.  The UK’s finest dominant bitch!   I’ve been a UK based Mistress for the past 15 years, and I love nothing more than exerting my power and watching weak men crumble.  Nothing gets me as hot as getting my own way and nothing gets in my way of getting what I want! You’re too small, too pathetic, too beta, to ever come close to being the kind of man who can satisfy me, it’s therefor your place to become a play toy, a sissy fem slut, a barbie bimbo for me to play with.   You do want to make me smile? You can’t make me smile with that little clitty between your legs.  It’s time to turn you into the little cock craving cum guzzling bimbo that we know you are.
I have a large collection of outfits to dress you in, a fertile imagination and better still; a well hung boyfriend, and a big cock shemale friend who love helping me abuse my sissies. 
My interests extend but are by no means limited to; Sissy girls, forced feminisation, tease and denial, blackmail, head fuck games, role play, power exchange,  TPE, SPH, CBT, Chastity training, maid training, cock and ball torture, erotic hypnosis, big tit hypnosis, foot and shoe hypnosis, erotic body hypnosis, mind control, sexual power and orgasm control, orgasm denial, cuckold training, forced bi, forced gay, forced cock sucking training, gay boy training, pimptress, Fin domme, bank account draining, life ruin role play, marriage wrecking, family wrecking, family destruction role play, wife/gf bashing, All body worship, ball busting, whipping, canning, spanking, spanking training, corporal punishment and discipline, old school discipline and sissy tasks, slave tasks and BDSM tasks, Blackmail tasks and role play,  BDSM punishment, strict humiliation mistress and much much more. 
You’re never going to be a man, not a real one anyway.  You’re never going to come close to being an alpha.  To be an alpha you need a big thick long cock, a nice body, a lot of stamina and some nice big cum shots.  Most of you will fail at the first hurdle on the list.  Your place is under me, under him, serving your Mistress, serving your master, learning how to be the perfect cuck toy, the perfect cuckold, the ideal little disposable cum dump, trained to behave like a good sissy girl should.  Sissy hypno training will rewire your pathetic little brain and make you crave cocks and cum in a way you never imagined you could.  I know how your pathetic little mind melts when you see me, I know how you can never get enough, and most of all, I know your deep desires, to serve me as my broken sissy slut.
What’s the problem? Don’t trust yourself?  Don’t trust me?  Scared of what I might turn you into, what I might release in you, the slut you can never cage again, the bimbo whore who craves cock and can never look to vanilla sex again.  The forced faggot who begs me to take him back to glory holes, the cum guzzler, who begs for my boyfriend’s cum, and as much cum as he can get from my boyfriend and his friends-  Where ever you end up, I know one thing, and it will not be as a male, a boy, a man, it will instead be as my sissy bitch whore- trained, tested and sold.