Paulina money

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Can you say ”no” to Mistress Paulina Gold.  The UK’s finest dominant bitch!   I’ve been a UK based Mistress for the past 15 years, and I love nothing more than exerting my power and watching weak men crumble.  Nothing gets me as hot as getting my own way and nothing gets in my way of getting what I want! I know you’re scared, you feel like shutting off your PC and forgetting you’ve ever set eyes on me, but unfortunately for you it’s too late for that, you know you’re going to end up in trouble, and you know I’m going to be the cause of it.  Now pick up the phone or send me a message, and let’s get this party started.  Don’t keep me waiting piggy, time to make Mistress smile.
I have a large list of BDSM interests.  You name it, I’ve played it.  I’ve been a serious player for a long time, and I’m a well recognised Mistress around Manchester. 
My interests extend but are by no means limited to; Sissy girls, forced feminisation, tease and denial, blackmail, head fuck games, role play, power exchange,  TPE, SPH, CBT, Chastity training, maid training, cock and ball torture, erotic hypnosis, big tit hypnosis, foot and shoe hypnosis, erotic body hypnosis, mind control, sexual power and orgasm control, orgasm denial, cuckold training, forced bi, forced gay, forced cock sucking training, gay boy training, pimptress, Fin domme, bank account draining, life ruin role play, marriage wrecking, family wrecking, family destruction role play, wife/gf bashing, All body worship, ball busting, whipping, canning, spanking, spanking training, corporal punishment and discipline, old school discipline and sissy tasks, slave tasks and BDSM tasks, Blackmail tasks and role play,  BDSM punishment, strict humiliation mistress and much much more. 
It’s about time I fucked your life.  Every single time you look at me, you should be paying me for the opportunity.  You’re a low life pathetic waste of space, with a weak little mind and a cock that will never be good enough to pleasure me, therefor you have to do the only thing you know how and the only thing you can be remotely useful for – PAY ME.  Obviously a pathetic little worm like you is no use to me unless you’re paying me, what are you worth to me if I can’t exploit you for some money or gifts – NOTHING. Of course you’re worth nothing to me if you have nothing to bring for me.   I however have no problem flattering your pathetic little ego, and making you believe I [like you], ha ha ha !  If you fall for that, it”s your own idiotic fault.  I have no problem with making you feel like you’re my friend, lover, fwb, you name it, and I’ll have you believe it, as long as I’m extorting your money at the same time.  You’ll learn where you really position once you run out of money.  Always a nice moment, ‘insufficient funds’ when you realise  I’ve drained everything you’ve saved and then some.
Don’t you trust yourself?!  You know I am way more powerful than your ability to resist.  I can take you in, twist your life into something you don’t even recognise and then spit you out like a discarded piece of chewing gum once I’ve extorted you for everything you’ve got.   You’ll feel sorry for your pathetic self as you realise all I ever cared about was your money, and instead of getting angry and blocking my memory from your mind, you’ll instead find a way to get more money together to pay me again, while hating yourself all that bit more for it.  Don’t say you weren’t warned. And even with that warning —- the warning which turns you on and makes you want it even more… let’s go.  Ruin is waiting for you and making your cock twitch like crazy- time to jump in.