Mistress Delilah- cussing wife and girlfriend


Mistress Delilah Dominating from the UK

Are you sick of your marriage, disappointed that you got a dull rock when other man got trophy wives and girlfriends. I know how weak I make you. You look in my direction and your heart beats a little faster.
You know my body’s better than hers don’t you. That she could never come close at making you feel what I do, and yet you’re married to her. Stuck to her, probably for the rest of your pathetic little lives together.




This is what you get for being you, you don’t get a hot woman on your arm, you get to fuck your hand alone while your slob of a wife sleeps and you fantasize about your friends’ wives and wish you had managed to marry someone like they have.



You can deny it all you like but we both know that’s the cold hard truth. Your wife was never good enough and never turned you on. You’re pathetic and that’s why you settled, for the only thing you thought you could get. Maybe you were right, maybe not, it’s academic now. The fact is you’re stuck with an ugly woman who can’t milk your nut in the way I could, and just hearing me tell you how much more you need me than her is turning you on… isn’t it?


Come to my chat and tell me exactly how much better I am than your pathetic wife or family.


“These men are pathetic, ‘good’ family men who take one look at me and crumble.  Turning the heads of married men and making them cave in for my power is what it’s all about” 

 Mistress Delilah UK


I will turn you into my property. Your wife, what wife?