Janine takes everything



I know you don’t trust yourself.  I wouldn’t either. It’s too late for you, you’re here, you can’t stop yourself.  You need to let me drain you, you need to experience the thrill, the rush, the desire to lose control as I take it all.  I’ll bankrupt you before you fucking know it and sharing this information with you makes you want to try it even more than you already do.

I will take everything from you and wreck your fucking life.  You know you’re here because you’re sick.  You’re sick and pathetic.  You hate me, you hate that you do this, but do you know who you hate the most ….. YOURSELF , and I love it !  I love how much you hate yourself, I love the self disgust and misery you inflict on yourself every time you spoil me.   I love the fact that even though I am leading you to a slow suicide, you can not help yourself.  You will never control it.  Time after time you will tell yourself it’s the last time.  There will never be a last time.  Nothing replaces the thrill you get when you dig deep in your wallet.  When you give me more than you can.  When you hand over what you really know you shouldn’t.  The more you lose, the more you want to give me.  The more I take, the more you hate me, but you just can’t fucking stop.  The beauty is, you know how pathetic you are, you know how evil I am. You know I don’t give a fuck about you or your pathetic existence.  The fact it turns me on to see you suffer actually makes it a bigger thrill for you to hand it all over.  You just can’t help yourself. 

We both know there’s no escape for you. So run along, grab your wallet,  you know how much you want to- You know how much you don’t, too, but that won’t stop you. 


You need this, you need the horrible debt I’m going to put you in, you need to feel your control vanishing while I take over,  Worshipping me as you lose your mind.  Stealing from your family to feed your addiction to me.  Selling the items of your friends’ and family.  Selling yourself, to keep your secret safe.  Taking out loans, falling into debt, hiding from debt collection, it doesn’t matter what level of destruction you achieve.  If it’s for me, it’s worth it. 


I will take everything you have and then some.