Amy Grey- Blackmail bitch


Blackmail Bitch

Do you have fantasies about being Blackmailed?  About being under a level of control so strong, that you have literally no room to wiggle.  No room to negotiate.  No room to beg- though I shall take pleasure in you trying.   I will take control over you to a whole new level.    I have created 100s of victims before you, you will be another notch on my list of victims, and even though I’m telling you this, you will still go ahead and join them . 

The idea of having to keep me a secret from your family terrifies you, doesn’t it?  What if your wife finds out, after all these years of marriage, after all this time of her thinking you were her devoted stupidly loyal husband, suddenly she finds out, her whole world is a lie.  I thrive on these moments.  I live for them. I love them.  The extents you will go to in order to prevent her finding out is quite amusing, especially given this is all your own fucking stupid fault.  Nothing is quite as pleasing.  



Even after the above warnings, you will not control yourself.  If anything my warnings and prediction of your fate, make you want to do this even more.  You’re desperate to know what it would feel like to be absolutely fucked, aren’t you?  You crave so badly to know how it feels, but you know the only way to REALLY feel it, is to do it for real – so what are you waiting for, stupid fucking loser.  See you soon to ruin your life.   


I will take your life and crush it, slowly. <3