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I’m well into ebony girls .  Their big black booties, their sexy big ebony tits.  What’s not to love.  everything about that look .   The way their bodies move, and the way they have a certain hold of themselves.   I have grown up loving a strong woman , and being surrounded by black women as I grew up , I realised in my teenage years just how strong and powerful they are, especially those who use their sexual prowess for power .  This is what I love about the girls I’ve been spending time with on these webcam sites, they’re not just gorgeous , and powerful looking, but they know how to work it, to get what they want.  They know exactly what a man wants, and they know how to provide it to make them weak and pliable.  It almost sounds manipulative, but that’s also partly what I love about them .  They’re too sexy to say no to , and I am just a weak man , so when it comes to these beautify ebony women , I’m a sucker, and lost .  My biggest struggle is usually managing to not cum in my pants the moment they are suggestive, talking dirty or taking their clothes off.

Big ebony tits

The joy is private sessions that I’ve had on here, are that I usually take a per minute session, so if I do cum too fast, which unfortunately is most the time, then I can just bow out until next time.  There has been some benefits to booking block lengths of time with my fave girls, In that I fele more compelled to hold out and really try to force myself to , so when I do end up shooting my load for these black beauties, then it makes it even more intense.   I’ve had some real crazy nights with them .  Sometimes I just sit all evening in their free chat , watching them turn other men on , talking to them now and then and getting myself really worked up but not allowing myself to touch my dick , saving myself for our sexy time together, and it’s always worth waiting for , not that I’ve always managed to .   And what could be better than one ebony girl turning me on , well two of course.   I love lesbians too, I think every straight man out there, loves a lesbian , watching two women turn each other on is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in my life, so watching ebony lesbians get going together on webcam in front of me , and I know it’s all live and happening as I instruct them , is so super sexy .    I always take my time to choose the right girls, I like to know they’re real life lesbians, finding ebony isn’t difficult, there’re so many gorgeous women to choose from , and finding lesbians is pretty straight forward to , a lot of girls like to get hot and dirty with each other, especially on webcam , and that’s not just lez girls, but straight, bi-sexual, bi-curious etc , but for me , I like to know they’re a real lesbian couple in a real relationship and because I love dark skinned women , it’s amazing when I find a couple that match all that criteria.  It has however not been an arduous task , I mean I have about 30 lesbian couples already booked marked as my favourites, so I’ve not been short of ladies to choose from , they are all absolutely stunning too , and that goes for when they’re dressed and when they’re naked .  I ‘m a sucker for huge tits, and huge tits on an an ebony girl are amazing.   Most of us love a nice big pair of tits.  So what could fill that desire better than big ebony tits. 

Ebony lesbian couple

Live black lesbians

Live ebony lesbians

Something about the way they hang, the way they bounce, the sheer size of them ,  everyone knows what is admirable in big tits,  but when it’s on an ebony queen , it’s even hotter, their nipples are so much darker, and I love the contrast , between their almost black nipples and their dark brown skin .  I’m also a sucker for big nipples, excuse the pun , but I do tend to find ebony tits have the biggest nipples, so it’s another no brainer that I’m so attracted to these women .    When I get a pair of girls, who are listed as lesbians , on cam together, same time, and both who fit that criteria , with the big tits, and the dark skin , and in a real life partnership , I know for sure I will be back , and in some cases, I’m back to see them every night, they know me by name, I know them by name, and I also think about them on and off through the day if I get turned on , or if I see a black girl in real life in front of me .   My mind races back to memories of them and the time we’ve spent together online.  Online for me feels so real, it’s the next real thing I could get , other than booking a hotel room and taking them to it, and I don’t think I’m ready for that yet , so for now I have to fill my black girl loving boots , with online experiences, and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed.  The more the merrier.  It’s my relaxation time, and it’s no different than sitting in a gentleman’s club , except for the fact I can do it in the comfort of my own home, I can actually tug at my cock , and not be in public, nor having to take a girl to a booth for a private dance, and I can leave ( Ie log out ) whenever I want at the click of a button , not having to call a cab and go home , all horny and frustrated .   I have been in a few clubs and had a few dances , usually from ebony girls with big tits, of course, and I’m not saying it wasn’t a real turn on , I did love every second of it , but when I’ve taken them for a private dance, and their asses have started clapping on my hard cock , it has taken all I’ve had , not to explode right there in my pants, which I’ve really wanted to do , and obviously had to refrain from doing so , at home watching these webcam girls, and interacting with them , I don’t have to consider this issue .  I can cum as much as I want, and I do !