dotty take everything


Mistress Dot

I have no moral dilemma about taking everything you fucking have and then some

That pathetic submissive look you get, as you sigh and open your wallet.  The knowledge that you’ve just spent way more than you intended to and yet you still can’t stop really fucking turns me on.

What woman doesn’t like to be treated, who doesn’t enjoy easy money landing on their lap.  But it’s not just that, it’s something deeper, something bigger, something exhilarating abut the ruin.  If I leave you with enough in your bank not to panic about what you’ve done, then my mission is not complete.  You all have an amount you plan to spend before you start wanking your loser cocks…….. I find that number and double it.

If you’ve got a family, a wife, parents, friends who you’re having to beg, borrow and steal from in order to please me….. Even fucking better.  Nothing turns me on more than knowing you’re robbing from the people you care about just to keep paying me.


We both know you’re a complete fucking loser.  You couldn’t be a normal man and have a normal problem.  A man who gets caught cheating on his wife or fucking his secretary.  No, that’s not you…….. You don’t want an affair, you won’t the rush of ruin.


It made your heart skip a beat reading it didn’t it, it made your tummy do somersaults.  You’ve quickly realised it would be best to avoid me.  But like a moth to a flame, you can’t fucking help it.

Dig Deep, Relax, and Let me fuck up the rest of your world!






I have a varied list of interests, I love humiliating, TPE, Blackmail role play games, fetish fun, CBT, chastity, forced feminisation- of course, whips and chains, canes and paddles. I love taking complete control, and whatever your weakness, I will find it and I will use it against you.

I know how weak my body and power turns you, it’s like flicking a switch and turning you into my zombie. My brainwashed little toy to play with.

I can drain your wallet, drain your bank account and drain your weak little mind.  I can take it all . If you’re looking for a cruel fin-domme , a mean money mistress, a strict blackmail mistress who wants to see you in tears with nothing left to offer, then look no fucking further loser.   I’m already rich , I don’t need your money, I want your money.  I own most of this town, and guess who paid for it.  YES.  All you little losers.  You are not special, and even knowing this, you’ll soon find yourself at my feet paying like everyone else.   Is it  your turn yet?




Body worship is a favourite of mine, and if you know your place, then you know worshipping my body is important. I have huge tits which will take over your weak needy mind, Long legs and a perfect ass to control your thoughts and cock. My huge tits have taken over many weak pathetic little minds, and big tit hypnosis is very powerful, especially once I realise it’s your weakness.

Your cock belongs to me, and without my control you have nothing. I decide if you cum or not, I decide where, when and how. Of course I love CEI, and turning bitch boys into cum guzzling sluts for me.

If you have a small cock, don’t expect anything but small cock humiliation from me. This is what a loser cock deserves. To be humiliated, to be locked in chastity, punished, and you need to learn how to cuck. I love training losers into behaving like perfect cucks. If you don’t have a real cock, then you’re not a real man, in which case you need to learn your position as a real cuckold!

“Making men weak has always come naturally to me. Using people to get what I want is the most normal thing in the world, and I do it well!” 

 Mistress Dotty UK


I will turn you into my obsessed pet.