dotty leather



I know how much you love leather.  Almost as much as I do.  It’s your kryptonite.   If you’re a leather worshipping bitch, then you’ve met your match.  I will use my leather, my PVC, my Latex, and my fetish gear to crush your brain in the palm of my hand.  My leather covered body is enough to take everything you have. Your leather addiction is growing already, your need to drop to your knees, smelling the tight leather and soaking it in with your greedy little eyes.  I own you bitch.  It’s time to break you.

  My Name’s Dotty Black. A strict Mistress in England. I’ve been involved in the scene for over ten years and take great pleasure in dominating my slaves, both newbies and well versed bitch boys. I love the feeling of breaking a weak little submissive into my property. Making you crave and need me. Degrading and humiliating you to teach you your place, your place under me!
  I have a varied list of interests, I love humiliating, TPE, Blackmail role play games, fetish fun, CBT, chastity, forced feminisation- of course, whips and chains, canes and paddles. I love taking complete control, and whatever your weakness, I will find it and I will use it against you. I know how weak my body and power turns you, it’s like flicking a switch and turning you into my zombie. My brainwashed little toy to play with.
Body worship is a favourite of mine, and if you know your place, then you know worshipping my body is important. I have huge tits which will take over your weak needy mind, Long legs and a perfect ass to control your thoughts and cock. My huge tits have taken over many weak pathetic little minds, and big tit hypnosis is very powerful, especially once I realise it’s your weakness. Your cock belongs to me, and without my control you have nothing. I decide if you cum or not, I decide where, when and how. Of course I love CEI, and turning bitch boys into cum guzzling sluts for me. If you have a small cock, don’t expect anything but small cock humiliation from me. This is what a loser cock deserves. To be humiliated, to be locked in chastity, punished, and you need to learn how to cuck. I love training losers into behaving like perfect cucks. If you don’t have a real cock, then you’re not a real man, in which case you need to learn your position as a real cuckold!
“Making men weak has always come naturally to me. Using people to get what I want is the most normal thing in the world, and I do it well!”   Mistress Dotty UK


I will turn you into my obsessed pet.