Delilah sissy


Sissy lessons

Mistress Delilah turns you into her sissy little play toy. You know how weak it makes you to think about becoming a weak and feminised little sissy bitch for the powerful Mistress Delilah. Delilah knows just how to get into the head of every weak pathetic little subby and it looks like you’re next! Do you have growing sissy desires which you need to explore?


Can’t stop thinking about how good it feels as a good little sissy girl compared to pretending to be a boy. Need to serve a woman with a real man, a man who can give her what she wants and needs. Mistress Delilah loves cock, real cock from real hung men. She cant get enough, and believes that all women deserve a big cock to give them pleasure. It’s wrong for any woman to have to settle with an inadequate cock and this is why Mistress Delilah believes that all small cocked and weak men should offer themselves up to be transformed into sissy bitches.


You know she’s right, as soon as you get horny you think about locking up that clitty cock and giving up the last shreds of your pathetic male image. You know it’s where you belong. Frilly and prissy and under the complete control of Mistress Delilah. Mistress Delilah loves watching a sissy snivel, a desperate pathetic little worm, crushed from his previous falsely portrayed image of a man. She loves to emasculate and she loves to do it slowly and irreversibly. You will never regain your full male composure, you will never come close to being a man ever again, and yet here you are, desperate to find out more.



“Nothing is ever going to come close to how it feels serving as my little sissy fuck toy.  Feeling yourself break as you lose al power and feel the pathetic remnants of your masculinity draining away.  I will break  you and you won’t stop me”   Mistress Delilah UK


I will turn you into the perfect sissy girl.