Delilah Drains Your Bank Account


Mistress Delilah Dominating from the UK

Look at how weak I make you! Have you been trying to quit Fem-Domme for a while? Trying and failing? Does it make you sick that you “waste” so much money on your online addiction? Does it make you cry? Do you hate yourself because you know you’re essentially stealing from your family in order to please and spoil me? That you take from trust funds of those you love, and that you’ll do anything to keep your not so little secret safe.

And what has been happening recently? You took a little break didn’t you. You started fighting the beast, and you actually thought you were winning. You deleted all signs of me, of her, of them, of us …. You found a light at the end of the tunnel and you embraced it, leaving this debauchery behind



Yes here you are, back here and out of control. You feel horrified at yourself for dipping your toe back in, for trying yet again to control something which has started to take over every aspect of your life and thought……

You can’t even fuck properly anymore! Look at yourself. You can’t fuck because you’re too busy thinking of not only what you’ve done and how much you’ve wasted, but also of how much you want to waste some more!


I will be the end of that life you know and have become accustomed to. Get ready for your new reality. *Insufficient funds* ….. *Declined transactions* …… *Debt*………….*lies*……………….*panic*………….*Deceit.

It all starts and ends with me.



Pick up the phone or send me your chat invites- I need your money and I will squeeze it out of you with your cum.



“I love taking a pathetic weak bitch and turning him into my addicted little pay pig. Men go weak for my body and brains and they will pay anything for that! ” 

 Mistress Delilah UK


I will turn you into my broken human ATM