delilah dominating from UK


Mistress Delilah Dominating from the UK

I love weak little bitch boys, and what’s more, I love creating them. If you’re a weak and broken little loser who needs to serve me, I’ll be waiting for you. If you’re not there yet, I will break you.
I have a mixed bag of interests, and while of course I love humiliation, feminisation, chastity , mind games, fin domme, TPE, and really dangerous blackmail role play games, often informing forms of relationship ruin, marriage degredation and life ruin, I also very much enjoy some more gentle and sensual forms of BDSM.


I love chastity and the control it gives me over locked cock and the pathetic man attached to it. I love nothing more than watching a sub’s face as I increase the numbers of hours, days, weeks or months which I’m adding to his orgasm denial sentence. Controlling a cock is one of the most powerful forms of control and one which I’m not only fond of but good at!

Humiliation, degradation and pain infliction are other areas I’ve grown to love. Who doesn’t love watching a slut on his knees, begging for redemption, which having a whip thrashed over his pathetic boy bottom and his skirt hitched up round his hips in order to get him over my knee.


SPH goes without saying. Any loser with a cock less than 8” should really join the club, and if your penis is under 6 inches, then it was never a penis to start with, and you’re now officially running the small cock club for me.


All is not lost, if you have a pathetic nub instead of a cock, Mistress Delilah will teach you to be useful. I will teach you how to cuck and suck and become the perfect abused cuckolded husband or boyfriend, enabling you to actually have a relationship albeit your lack of masculinity and penis size.

Big big tits are perfect for big tit hypnosis, big tit worship and big tit dominations.  You can try and fight them but you’ll never win. My huge breasts are powerful and can drain your brain quickly. We both know I’m right!


“I love controlling bitch boys, the way it feels to take what was a man and break him into putty in my hands, nothing feels as good” 

 Mistress Delilah UK


I will turn you into my fuck toy pet.