debbie ignore

Debbie Takes EVEYRTHING – time to pay your goddess, LOSER!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO BE IGNORED
My name Debbie. You will refer to me as Mistress or Goddess.   If you call this line, expect to be ignored.  THIS IS MY IGNORE LINE!  You will BE IGNORED! Laughed at for being a fucking loser, talked about between us, but never addressed. You’re calling to be redundant! Do NOT expect my attention.  If my stud or girlfriends are around, we may talk about the loser on the phone, but do not try and speak to me, if you do, you will be laughed at and mocked, but not addressed. Time to learn your place
There is no escape from my power. From the first cent you give me, you will not be able to stop.  I know just how to drain you.  It feels so good yet it feels so devastating at the same time.  Do you think I care?  All I care about is what I can get, and one thing I know is, I always get EVERYTHING.  Look at you loser, still reading, still hooked……. SEND ME EVERYTHING.    


Too scared to call me?  CHAT with me, and be prepared to be MILKED.  DRAINED.  EXPLOITED.  CASH PIGGY! 
I AM YOUR MONEY MISTRESS- I am the best Fin-Domme in England. I will take your life in my hands, and your finances under my thumb.   My body will take over your mind.  My big tits will drain your bank account.  You want to say no, but you can’t.   My body will bankrupt you, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.