Debbie foot worship

WEAK for my feet bitch. You are so fucking pathetic.  I know how weak and desperate my beautiful feet and legs make you.  I will use my feet and legs to get into your mind.  To break you and turn you into my little pet.  I will train you into your addiction to my feet. My perfect toes. My dirty soles.  You will be my good little foot worshipper.  A glimpse or taste of your Mistress feet is what you live for, LOSER.  Get on your knees and open your mouth. 
Feed your addiction to my feet.  I know you can’t stop thinking about them. I know how pathetic you feel every time you catch a glimpse.  That loser cock gets hard and desperate.  Oh how you’d love to slide that pathetic cock between Mistress’ perfect feet.  Get down and kiss them you stupid snivelling pig.
If you think you can fight the power of my big tits, then you won’t be afraid to try big tit domination.   There is nothing like breaking a weak pathetic man under the control of my body and huge cleavage.  
Big tit domination, and huge breast worship will turn you into putty in my hands.  I know the power of my tits, I know the control they have over you, and I intend to use it to my advantage.