Amy Grey Cuckold training sex training –


Learn to be a good cuck

The time has come to stop lying to yourself.  We both know what a good little bitch you make and what a pathetic excuse for a man you are.  It’s time to move over and let a real man please your woman.  You are never going to be enough.  Your cock is never going to make us feel like he can.  Look at you, look at him.  My boyfriend has a cock every girl wants a piece of.  We know that can never be said for you.  Don’t worry.  Mistress Amy is here to teach you!!  I will teach you exactly how you can give your lady a 10” BBC.   The only obvious criteria being; it won’t be yours,  because you don’t have one.   

You will learn to suck cock and fluff cock.  You will learn to serve as a cuckold husband.  You will learn to lick up cream pie.  You will learn to suck BBC.  You will learn to lick clean BBC.  You will learn to be a chastity locked cuck.  You will learn that a cuck doesn’t need to cum.  This is no longer about your orgasms.  This is now only about the orgasms of your wife/mistress/goddess and of course, of her stud.   You will only exist to serve and clean, and I will teach you how.

Are you married and learning to cuck for your wife?  First time or well experienced cuck slut, either way I can teach and train you to be the best cuck out there.  I can teach you what is expected of a cuckold, and help you accept yourself as a beta bitch in your life, for the rest of it!   By this point you should realise it’s where you belong, you can’t give women what we want, what we need, what we crave from a real man.  You are always going to be a slutty loser cuck, only good for using.


As you will never be a man, it’s best you have accepted your place here.  It’s better for you and for all women you ever have interaction with in future, if you have learned your place as a sissy cuck slut.  living to serve Alpha males and their women.  Acceptance of your place as a full time beta bitch.  I will reprogram you . 



By the end, sucking cock for your goddess will be your new sex life.