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Mistress English Rose

Hello, submissive worms and sissy girls.

I am strict English Mistress Rose. I enjoy all forms of BDSM and have fantasies about many different kinks. I have an English accent, which will take over your weak pathetic cock and mind.


Whatever your fetish, I am an expert in using your weaknesses to my advantage. I will turn you into my cock sucking bitch or my sissy slut.

I’ll have you locked in chastity for longer than you ever thought imaginable. I will teach you erotic hypnosis and body worship and take your mind into levels of control you never thought possible. Whatever your weakness, I will twist it around my little finger and make you squirm. Small cocked losers should never have control of their own cocks or orgasms. Give that control to Mistress Rose, like a good little worm.