Amy Grey Sex and Fin-Domme Therapy


Financial Domination Therapy and Sex/Fetish Discussion sessions. 

We Both know you’re spending way too much time jerking, too much time than you should be looking for jerk off material, and that you’ve become more vested in fucking your hand than you have your girlfriend or wife.  It’s times thing changed!  It’s time you took the time to spend with a true Financial domination Mistress in order for some corrective sessions over your on going behaviour.  Mistress Amy Grey can fix it, through gentle manipulation, exploitation and reprogramming.   

If you’re looking for some control therapy from a true financial Mistress, used to extorting weak minded men, then Mistress Amy is your answer.  The first choice in financial domination therapy session. 

yes I’m expensive – but so is your addiction.


I will take your life and crush it, slowly. <3