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Let’s get something straight, I don’t need your fucking money!  I WANT your money.   I don’t just want your money either, I want ALL your money.  I will make it my mission to DRAIN you and drain your wallet dry.  Nothing turns me on more than giving a bank account a good draining and maxing those borrowing limits.            I want you to suffer when you realise what you’ve done.  I want you to know that you’re spending more than you can afford, and the look on your face, the tremor in your voice when you realise that you can’t help yourself.   You’ve spent more than you should, how are you going to hide it from your wife or girlfriend, how are you going to pay the bills you were supposed to pay, you spent it all handing it over to me because you couldn’t resist.   Trying to break free from findom addiction and back here again, giving everything to me. Not satisfied until I have it all.   You know how it goes, and still you play… know I’m dangerous and yet you come back over and over.  I’ll fuck you that little bit harder, drain that little bit more, until over time you have nothing left.  You know you should stop, but you need more – you are in my web.  That little jerk off addiction for the better of you.  Weak and pathetic and now you need me more than ever, but can you still afford me?
By the time you realise you’re in my web, it’s too fucking late.   I know all your weaknesses, I know your triggers.  Nothing feels as good as knowing I’m going to completely fuck your world, financially, emotionally, and every aspect of it.    I am a very rich Mistress in a very well paid profession.  Perhaps if you pay me enough you’ll see just how much money I really have.   Just taking your money alone is not enough.   I want to take it ALL.  FINDOMME LIFE RUIN, FIN DOMME HOME WRECKAGE,  draining your bank account at the same speed I drain your weak mind.  Knowing you’re giving me enough money to completely ruin your life enjoyment is my biggest turn on.   They say the biggest way to hurt someone is through their wallet, and I believe it.  Being the sadist that I am, watching you lose everything, knowing I caused it, taking more than you can afford because you can’t stop yourself from giving me everything, is what turns me on more than any other form of BDSM.   Completely ownership and complete financial destruction.
Once you start paying me, you can’t stop. It’s a dangerous game risking everything to keep me draining you.  The more money you lose, the more control you lose, the more you crave my power and control, and the more you give me.  This cycle of destruction will not end until I have you completely ruined.  Trying to build yourself back up from nothing. Wondering how everything went so wrong.  THAT closing scene is what gets me wet.  We part ways when you have nothing, you leave me rich and horny, happy and ready to find another victim.  Once I’ve drained you dry there’s nothing left for me and you.  Your only hope is to find a way to build another life up for yourself, something worth losing, something that I can enjoy wrecking.  Life ruin and home wrecking is my rocket fuel.  It reminds me just how powerful I am, and the results are very evident.  Bankruptcy, Findomme addiction, mounting pay day loans, and a life you never imagined before you fell into my trap.
I love dragging weak pathetic men under my control, watching you crumble the further you get sucked in.  Watching you try to fight as you give it all away.  Just one more re-load, just one more tribute, just one more oink and one more gift.  You’re nothing as soon as you stop paying, and you’ll do anything to stop that happening.   

We both know this only ends one way.  Your desire to please me and give into your findom fetish will end up ruining you.   Thinking about being turned into my little pay pig makes your cock bounce around in desperation.  Knowing you’re nothing but my human ATM human wallet makes your pathetic cock twitch even more.  You’re a loser and you need this  you stupid fucking bitch.  If you are trying to chat with me and expect my attention, try doing the only thing you’re good for, and sending a tribute.   Don’t expect to be noticed if you have no fucking money.  If there’s nothing there for me to ruin and you have nothing to lose, then no I don’t want to get to know you, no you can’t sit with us, not you can’t be my friend — Instead you can learn that without money and gifts, you’re less than useless to me, you don’t exist.                                                                                         ” She took my $1800 year bonus,  my cock got hard as she laughed at my disappointed face when I realised she wasn’t going to let me keep any of it, she them demanded my pay packet leaving nothing for me, my wife and family.  I’m ashamed to say, I handed it to her. She smiled but not in gratitude, not in pity, but rather gloating in her triumph and my misery.  There is something erotic and dangerous about a woman who is never satisfied”