dotty feminisation


Mistress Dotty.

Here to turn  you into a good little sissy girl.

Mistress Dotty teaches you to be a perfect whore for her to play with. I’m Mistress Dotty, and I love creating little sissy toys for my entertainment. It’s the most amazing and degrading thing to turn a man into a little feminised sissy play toy.


Watching him grovel and beg. Locking his little loser clit cock away in chastity and teaching him that his little worm is redundant now and forever. His place is is now as a she. We both know I’m talking about you. You can’t escape your sissy desires. You’re bound by your need to submit and serve. You want to give everything to me. Your mind, body and soul.






You don’t care what I turn you into as long as it’s something for my pleasure, my fun, my entertainment. You’ll learn that only real men get to fuck women. Sissy bitches like you learn to serve. You’ll learn that the only pleasure you deserve is that which you give to your Mistress via the real man. You need to know how to slut up and serve him in order to please me.



Don’t worry- I will teach you. I will teach you just what he likes and how to please him, and if you have a wife or girlfriend, I will teach you how to submit fully as a good little sissy cuckold. Accepting that your position as a man is over, it was never meant to be. Your position in my presence is always going to be as my weak feminised bitch boy. I will break you.

Get your panties on, it’s time.

“Turning boys into girls is such fun and so hot. I plan one day to find the perfect little sissy which I can lead into a life of feminisation and TPE” 

 Mistress Dotty UK


I will turn you into a girl!